Love Letter To Blue~

I love how she drinks Earl Grey with honey & milk, how she knows the most god awful lyrics by heart & how she gets deer-eyed sometimes.
I love her hilarious story telling & her deeply feeling heart.
I love her.
For all the things she introduced me to. Such as her wondrous cooking,cute little tea rooms & fancy Italian restraurants. For things like feeling the sunlight on your back as you fly over hills of snow & dancing as if you were always chained before. For her strong straight-faced boyfriend frown.
Above all for who she is. Strong-willed & tempered like a child,& sweet like one.
Always abundantly loud & clear about what she wants but comfortable in knowing that if she doesn't get it, she'll get something better in the end.
How she deals with others & her surroundings. So capable of love & care. So damn fucking good in hedonism & life.
I said it before, I'll say it again. I love her.